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Surveyors measure and map our environment with special equipment, technology, and good old-fashioned mathematics. Surveyors can measure the sky, ocean bed, or land.

What Does a Land Surveyor Do?

Land surveyors work in all types of attire, from boots to suits. When land surveyors are doing their job, they’re employing the top technology like terrestrial and aerial scanners, theodolites, and GPS. Technology has made surveying a lot easier and more precise, but someone still needs to go out there and wield that equipment.

Land surveyors also do basic white-collar office work, and they use complex software, like auto CAD to come up with plans and devise maps for on-site measurements. Surveyors work on a variety of different projects, from major construction to tunnel-building, to mining work and land dividing. They are professional experts at land measurement and size. They also work closely with developers, architects, and engineers.

What are the Types of Land Surveying?

The main specialties of land surveying including remote sensing, topographic surveying, hydrographic, engineering, and mining.

What is Important about Land Surveying?

We rely on surveying to make sure we can depend on the physical world that surrounds us. Surveyors play a huge role in land development, from the planning of land subdivisions to the final development of landscaping, utilities, and roads.

Surveyors have roles that undergird the related industries of planning, geology, architecture, and engineering. They are highly respected, and their work is important to these other disciplines. Surveyors are probably the first people to arrive at any construction site, mapping and measuring the land. The architects will then use these measurements.

Why Should you Become a Land Surveyor?

Surveying offers a huge variety of outdoor and indoor work, and that means that you won’t be tied to a desk. There is a lot of job variety as well. You can pick from many different fields, like archeology and IT. There is also a huge demand for surveyors. 95% of students get jobs within just four months of graduating. The salaries are also above par, getting up to $52,000 per year. Surveyors have access to the latest equipment and technology because surveying is more important than ever, especially in today’s technologically connected society where maps data matters more than ever.

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